Finding the Way

In 2008, we as a church sent Jennie Crawford to Uganda to invest in people’s lives. Here at GCCC, we have been committed to being a part of this work over the long-term. The heart of the work is to help those in northern Uganda who were affected by 22 years of rebel warfare and had been living in internally displaced persons camps. Seeing people restored physically, emotionally, and spiritually is foundational in the purpose of the work.


While there, Jennie, with the work and help of a local team, set up a non-governmental organization, Finding the Way (similar to being non-profit here in the states). The Finding the Way team has carried out the various work with the local people, as part of the goal is to empower people and help them overcome to be more self-sustaining.


Over these past years, the work has grown and evolved, but we have always tried to hold fast to the core value of investing in people to help them follow Jesus in a real way and live that out in all areas of life. This has meant using different avenues to invest relationally and spiritually.


Currently, our main work is in the following areas:

~Investing in vulnerable and orphaned children through sponsoring school fees, medical care, and other needs. 50+ children sponsored currently.
~Having a boarding home to house some of the children during school and others throughout the year.
~Investing in a group of 30+ widows who meet for prayer and fellowship, commit to a savings plan, and receive various Biblical and practical teachings and trainings.
~Maintaining our own land where the widows and children can be helped with sustainability projects (raising rabbits and pigs, growing cash crops) and have a place to live and stay as needed.
~Doing Bible study and fellowship with groups of football players, students, and villagers on a regular basis.
~Facilitating the Crested Crane Football Club program to bring soccer training and investment to kids in the village and sponsored kids.
~Bringing creative arts to sponsored kids and their schools


To learn of what we have done through the years, please check out our website. It has been a variety of things, (clean water, small business training, resettlement, and more), and it is humbling to see all God has done.


It has also been a blessing for many people from the church to go and serve. We have led and helped with the business training, done soccer camps, helped build huts, and spent time investing relationally. What a joy to get to know the people and be a small part of their lives!


Finding the Way is an extension of our church. As an organization, we are so very grateful to the support of the church and so many people who have invested relationally, prayerfully, and financially through the years. Please contact me to learn more about the work, about coming to serve, about sponsoring a child, or about giving to the work in any way.  You can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, as well as check into Jennie’s blog for regular updates and the website for general information,


To get involved, or for more information on Finding the Way, go to

Blessings and thanks,



The Finding the Way team: Jennie, Rose, Sam, Juliette, Martin, Joel


At the end of Kids’ Day with many of the sponsored children


Martin helping one of the widows during the training: God’s View of Money vs. Man’s View of Money