South Africa

Jason, Jessica, Noah, Joshua, Khethiwe & Michael Stanier

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Phone: + 27 83 627 4717
Fax: +27 86 528 6960

Address: His People Ministries
16 Meyer Street
Cape Town, WC 7708
South Africa


About us and our work in Cape Town:

Our vision is to impact young people with the Gospel of Christ, to disciple them into maturity and develop them into leaders in our nation and the nations of Africa, bringing transformation and reformation to a continent in need. God has called us specifically to labor among the High School youth of Cape Town, South Africa. We believe that this is such a strategic harvest field for many reasons, the first is that 90% of people who make a commitment to Christ do so between the ages of 13-25; therefore, there is such a window of openness to gospel at a young age. Secondly, reaching young people also opens a door into the family, giving us the opportunity to impact and edify families, many of which are very broken. Currently in our youth, 80% come from single-parent homes; many do not know their fathers. What an opportunity to introduce the love of the Father to these hurting kids. The nature of our youth is such that we are strategically positioned in the midst of some of the best High Schools in Cape Town; therefore, we are truly reaching future leaders of society- and thus impacting the future of this great nation! Not only that, but we are reaching a number of young people from other nations in Africa, thus our impact carries into other nations! I cannot think of a greater privilege.


A strength of the vision is that we are always building into the local church. We are currently leading a team of 5 volunteer leaders, who believe that God has called them to disciple and equip young people. Together, we are building small groups and engaging with these young people and their friends to establish them in spiritual family and bring lasting change to their generation.


The most exciting aspect of our ministry is that we do not labor alone. Our ministry is made possible through ministry partners, who through their financial giving, prayer and encouragement, invest in the work that God has called us to. Our Ministry Partnership Team primarily consists of individuals and churches in the USA, but recently God began to stir in my heart to give young South Africans an opportunity to invest in what God is doing in their nation. It has been incredible to see the results, as young South Africans see the vision for this continent and give (often sacrificially) to the move of God in their own nation. It brings tears to our eyes to think of how God is bringing Americans and Africans together to see these young people reached and the Kingdom advanced, no matter the cost!


Thank you so much for your role in reaching these young people. Together, we will change this generation!