Prayer Ministry

Meet Heidi Potter, Prayer Ministry Leader


I find it difficult to put the prayer ministry here at Grace into words. We pray for people and for the church but it’s so much more than that…


Prayer is listening to God’s heart and then saying, “Yes, Lord, do what’s on Your heart.” Prayer is agreeing with God’s will for everything—people, situations, our community, government, and nations. Prayer is personal and big-picture. It’s simple and deep. It’s a privilege and a labor.


My role as the prayer ministry leader is to pray for and stir up the hearts of God’s people to know Him through prayer. I am called to train and equip them to pray more fervently and effectively, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. And I am called to see the overall picture of what is happening in the Body of Christ and lead God’s people to fight in the spirit, using the weapons He has given us to overcome the devil schemes.


While there are others who serve the Body through prayer in other areas, the two main parts of the prayer ministry consist of the WOW prayer team and the Sunday morning prayer team. WOW prayer is the name for our team that focuses on worship and spiritual warfare for the church, covering the Body of Christ and interceding for the things that come against us as a whole. The Sunday morning prayer team is focused on praying for individuals, special needs, healing and personal issues. Some people serve on both teams, while others only serve one or the other.


God used prayer to change my life almost 20 years ago and I have been on an amazing journey ever since. If you have never prayed or have been praying for 50 years, my challenge to you is the same: DIG DEEPER!! There are no limits to the places in God that we can explore in prayer. It’s His heart to show us Himself and when we are willing to seek Him, we WILL find Him!


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