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Hi, my name is Janie Haines. I’m married to Gene and we’ve both lived in the Middleburg/Selinsgrove area our entire lives. We’ve been blessed with four children and five grandchildren. I’ve worked in private practice for the past 17 years as a *Life Coach with an emphasis on leadership development. Although fulfilling in many ways, my heart and passion has always been to work with Christians to help them know who they are in Christ and to experience His love. This desire for my own life led Gene and me to Grace Church. We were seeking the Holy Spirit’s presence and a closer relationship with God, and in doing so, we found healing, forgiveness, and freedom.


Knowing the desires of my heart, God woke me in the middle of the night saying, “Set My people free.” A tall order and one that I couldn’t and wouldn’t ignore. He’s led me to and is equipping me to work in our church’s FREEDOM MINISTRIES. I use Luke 4:18-19 to inspire me to work as the Lord’s vehicle in answer to His calling. In these verses Jesus said, “The Spirit of the Lord is on me. He has chosen me to tell good news to the poor (poor in spirit). He sent me to tell prisoners that they are free (from strongholds in life) and to tell the blind (of heart) that they can see again. He sent me to free those who have been treated badly (are brokenhearted from hurt, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, abuse).  And to announce that the time has come for the Lord to show his kindness.” (ERV)  (Italics added)


God wants us to be free – to have an abundant life — and here at Grace we want that for you! Some of the FREEDOM MINISTRIES are described below. Check them out and call me at 570-898-8978 and inquire about the ways in which we can help you find your way to FREEDOM.


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*Janie (Neff) Haines founded Next Step Coaching and is a Certified Professional Life Coach through the International Coach Federation with advanced training in Conflict Management Coaching and Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching.




Step-Up sessions are designed to “heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free” (Isaiah 61:1). They touch you in the places of your deepest suffering—that of your heart, your mind and the inner core of your being. Two trained team members will guide you through an encounter with the Holy Spirit to heal your broken heart and transform your mindsets. Jesus died to set you free! It’s Jesus’ desire for you to be whole and healthy in your spirit, soul and body.


A Journey to Freedom, When Life Hurts, Jesus Heals and Sets You Free. This process of “inner healing” is done in a weekend experience during which you gain an understanding of how toxic emotions, lies, ungodly beliefs and pain that have not been released to Jesus have and are affecting your current relationships negatively. As the Holy Spirit reveals truth, you will journey with Him through repentance, forgiveness, and healing to freedom.


Break-Through curses and strongholds (lies, ungodly beliefs & soul ties). Scripture is clear about generational curses and word curses that dramatically affect your life (Exodus 34:7) and it is just as clear that Jesus redeemed you by becoming a curse for you (Galatians 3:13). Lies, ungodly beliefs and ungodly ties to others, things, and even your pets can interfere with living free. Members of the Freedom team will meet with you to pray, bind, renounce, and declare truth… to support you on this leg of your freedom journey.


Seven Steps to Freedom discusses seven main issues that are negatively affecting your life. It is the intermediate, longer version of deliverance. The Steps will teach you that you can hear and recognize the Spirit revealing things that He wants to deal with. Going through the Steps is not about fixing everything in your life. It is training for the life-long process of getting free and staying that way. Our goal is to make sure you understand why you are doing each step and to equip you to continue to deal with issues, past or present that the Holy Spirit shows you in the months and years to come. While you will definitely experience freedom and healing during this process… it is just as much about equipping and launching you into taking responsibility for your spiritual health and freedom.


Confrontational Deliverance deals with demonic interference in your life… more of a “microwave version” of deliverance where a trained team largely discerns the issues and either they deal with them or help you deal with them. The process includes binding, renouncing, and casting out demons. The team declares truth and prays blessings into your life. Confrontational deliverance does not necessarily deal with all of the bondage or addiction in your life, but it will clear out the demonic control issues that keep you from growing daily as you continue to choose truth.


One-On-One Christian Mentoring/Coaching is part of freedom development both before and after the above processes.