Discipleship Classes

Published January 5, 2018 by Amy Zeigler in Class

Beginning January 10th, discipleship classes will be held Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm until 7:45 pm at GCCC. The classes will be held on the following dates: January 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, February 21st, 28th. Please sign up in the church lobby or contact the church office at 570-837-5809 to add your name to the list. Classes being offered and class descriptions are listed below.

Fasting: Why, How & When
Many of you reading the descriptions of the January classes will decide this class is not for you simply because fasting is not something you WANT to do. If you take a class about it, you might HAVE to do it. However, before you automatically shut down the idea, let me encourage you to keep an open mind. Fasting is about sacrifice, but it is also about power. Answer the following questions and THEN decide if this class is for you! Is there a situation or issue in your life that you’ve been praying and battling for but you have yet to receive breakthrough or change? Do you wish you could hear the voice of God more clearly, more accurately, with less static and distraction? Do you desire to grow and increase in faith and power? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this class IS FOR YOU regardless of whether you’ve never fasted or have been fasting for years! Come and discover the incredible blessing and spiritual weapon of fasting. (6-Week Class, Taught by Heidi Potter)

Living Free
This class was designed to share some knowledge, understanding and wisdom needed to live free and walk in victory. It will help make you aware of the tricks and schemes of the enemy, how to recognize them and how to overcome them. We often say, “Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life.” Well Satan hates you and has a plan for your life as well. His plan is to kill, steal and destroy. He will steal your peace and do everything in his power to destroy you, your family, your church, your ministry, your anointing and your witness. This class’s weekly insights and tips will support you as you walk out God’s plan for your life and live free. (6-Week Class, Taught by Janie Haines)

Spiritual Gifts
God has equipped every person with at least one spiritual gift to help edify the Body of Christ! Do you know what your gift is? If not, join us as we study the various spiritual gifts and complete a “Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire” to help us discover our giftings. The Body of Christ needs you! (4-Week Class taught by Alan Potter)


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